Your donation
to the Catholic Sophienschule, to Ava, Valentin and 283 pupils, to the north of Hamburg, for a feeling of security.

Your donation
to the Catholic Sophienschule, to Juliana, Helena and 283 pupils, to the north of Hamburg, to trust.

Your donation
to the Catholic Sophienschule, to Veronica, Luis and 283 pupils, to to the north of Hamburg, to commitment.

120 years at the same
Two-track primary school with afternoon care
13 educators
283 pupils
14 teachers
Regular school fairs
12 Nations laugh and learn together
9 Federal prizes in the primary school category at the European competition in 2019

„Every euro to the Sophienschule is an investment in the north of Hamburg. For diversity, commitment and the future.“

Birgit Wangrau-Müller, Headmistress of the Sophienschule

Why is a miracle needed for the Sophienschule?

The Archdiocese of Hamburg operates 21 Catholic schools in Hamburg. One of them is the Catholic Sophienschule. On 19 January 2018, the Archdiocese of Hamburg announced that it would no longer be able to keep eight schools alive in the long term due to a lack of financial resources. The diocese's mountain of debt will continue to grow dramatically unless countermeasures are taken. As a result, the diocese decided to close six of the eight affected schools in any case. But there is still one chance for the Catholic Sophienschule: It can be saved if enough donations come together to keep the school afloat.

That's why we need your donation now to preserve our school! Save the Sophienschule together with us! It will take a miracle to save the Sophia School, we can do it!


Together we are committed to preserving our school. A school that is also a home to us and that enlivens our district.

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„The Sophienschule is known for its extremely competent and highly dedicated teachers, both in their subject areas as well as didactic methods right through to general pedagogical methods and, last but not least, also for their people skills“

Markus Griese, father of pupils Helena and Juliana

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„We send our two children to the Sophienschule because this is where Christian values of neighbourly love are lived and passed on. The children are educated to treat their classmates with care and respect right from the beginning.“

Anette Sammiller, mother of pupils Helena and Juliana

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„Living and experiencing Christian values firsthand is very important to us for our daughter’s education. At the Sophienschule, pupils not only receive a very good education but are also integrated into the community life of the St. Sophien Church as a matter of course. We hope very much that our second daughter will also be able to benefit from this experience.“

Dr. Anne-Marie Egert-Schmidt, mother of a pupil